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According to the recent statistics 80 million people suffer from varicose vein ailment/disease at some point in their life. Men and women equally get them in different forms with no special consideration to gender preference. Some of the most domineering causes of varicose veins are hereditary, pregnancies, lifestyle, and profession. But no one needs to go thru the misery associated with the symptoms of varicose veins, and give up their favorite sports and activities and simply feel helpless.

Thanks to all the major research done in the field of phlebology/ venous disease there is now state of the art lasers  available in the market to treat symptoms that are associated with venous disorders and varicose veins. These symptoms are pain, cramps, swelling, ulcers, discoloration of the skin, burning and heaviness of the lower extremities. All treatments are done in the office at the Arizona Vein and laser Institute by highly qualified Vascular Surgeon Dr. Sharma.
Dr. Sharma has more than twenty years of experience in treating varicose veins and other problems associated with the blood circulation. Because other issues in circulation can mimic the same symptoms as well, it is important to see a vascular surgeon with experience and knowledge, who can identify and distinguish the problems and treat them too at the same time. For these reasons, please contact Arizona Vein and Laser at (602)298- VEIN or 8346 for your free screening appointment.

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Arizona Vein and Laser Institute is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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