Allergy serum at Regenesis Wellness Center fights allergies

Dr. Mascaro is a sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

The "Allergy Stop" is a safe, innovative method of slowly allowing your system to develop immunity to those substances to which you are allergic.

Ingested orally, this serum is based on sound scientific principle that has been in vogue for over 20 years. The allergy serum is created to address the specific allergic reactions of each patient. Prepared from a group of extracts from pollens, molds, dust, natural plant spores, and dander, it is created in a natural environment using gluten-free antigens. There is a small amount of phenol added to the mixture as a preservative. Each serum is individually assembled and take-home kits eliminate the need for physician office visits or painful injections.

Most insurance companies pay for both the allergy testing and serum. For those with large deductibles and those without insurance, the price is affordable and worthwhile.

Mention Sonoran Living and we will cover your co-pay. The program could be absolutely free for you!

Regenesis Wellness Center
9500 E Ironwood Square Dr Ste 126
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Dr. Mascaro is a sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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