ShonaLisa has been a patient at Phoenix Children's Hospital all her life

Fifteen-year-old ShonaLisa was born with Cloacal Extrophy, she was born missing organs and some organs were exposed.

ShonaLisa was born prematurely at 28 weeks and flown to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for care.

Dr. McGill at PCH drew up a roadmap of how he would “put together” her body and make everything work.

ShonaLisa’s adopted mom, Karen, met her at 1 year old and was her legal guardian until two years ago when she and her husband legally adopted Shoni, who is a Native American.

ShonaLisa was on IVs until 2006 and then they spent a lot of time at Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she has had many, many surgeries.

She has a feeding tube because her body doesn’t digest/absorb food normally.

ShonaLisa loves coming to Phoenix Children’s Hospital saying, “it’s like going to Disneyland.”

Karen also had triplet born prematurely who were treated at PCH 28 years ago. The family also includes several other special needs children who are patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

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