Repurpose healthy meals, maximize your workout

If you're looking for ways to increase your energy, there are some tips to repurpose your healthy meals and maximize your workout.

Damian and Heather Dubé, co-creators of e3 Energy Evolve, have some options for you. They have more than 40 years combined experience with background and education in functional nutrition, integrative health, exercise physiology, corrective exercise, psychology, and national level competitive athletics.

Damian and Heather are a husband-wife team whose unique functional nutrition and metabolic health approach is featured throughout the industry in Mens Fitness, OnFitness,, Experience Life,  and as industry expert peer reviewers.

They suggest that you repurpose your nutrition for improved natural health, energy and fat loss.

--REPURPOSE: (Natural Fat Loss Nutrition is) Abundant / Adding In vs. Deprivation, Weight Loss, Calorie Counting
--REPURPOSE: (Natural Fat Loss Nutrition is) Eat for energy vs. Eat for Weight Loss
--REPURPOSE: (Natural Fat Loss Nutrition is) Less is More; Think Simple Staples
--REPURPOSE: (Natural Fat Loss Nutrition is) Know Functional Nutritionist Tricks to Variety for Sustainability

e3 Energy Evolved Cookbook Recipe demo:
o    Coconut Curry Chicken
o    Asian Stir Fry
o    Taco Salad

For more free healthy snack tips and to download recipes, you can click here.

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