RECIPES: Healthy, seasonable salads and affordable cuisine at Original ChopShop

The Original ChopShop Co. in Scottsdale offers healthy, seasonable salads and affordable cuisine.

Beet Salad
2c salad mix
1c arugula
1.5c roasted beets
1 sour apple
2 tbsp goat cheese
2 tbsp cashews
2 tbsp golden raisins
4 tbsp red wine vinagrette  

Mix up ingredients in large bowl, blending in the red wine vinaigrette. Serve and enjoy.

Power Green
1 green apple
1 stalk ginger
4 celery
Whole cucumber
large handful parsley
Bunch kale
1 Lemon wedge
Wash ingredients and dry carefully.
Add ingredients to juicer according to machine instructions.
Serve over ice and enjoy.

The Original Chopshop Co.
7158 E. 5th Ave.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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