RECIPES: Easter brunch at home thanks to Sassi

Executive Chef Chris Nicosia from Sassi shows us how to make some delicious dishes for Easter brunch at home.

Pappardelle Verde with Spring Vegetable Ragu 
Serves 4

extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp
garlic cloves, thinly sliced 4 each
fresno chile, thinly sliced 1 each
purple scallion, or green onion, sliced 4 each
fava beans, blanched and peeled (use lima beans as a substitute) 1 cup
peas 1 cup
asparagus, trimmed of woody stalk, and cut into 1/2 inch pieces 1 cup
artichokes, cleaned, blanched, and quartered 1/2 cup
salt and pepper to taste
butter 2 Tbsp
fresh spinach pappardelle, or your favorite pasta 1#
pecorino cheese, grated 1/2 cup
fresh mint, basil, or parsley as needed  

For the Ragu:
Heat a saute pan over medium-high heat, add olive oil, garlic, chile, and scallion and cook until just soft Add fava beans, peas, asparagus, and artichokes, and saute for about a minute and a half Add about 2 ounces of the pasta cooking water and cook for about 45 seconds Add butter, and season with salt and pepper and set aside

For the pasta:
Cook pasta in boiling salted water according to instructions on package

To finish:
Add cooked, drained pasta to pan of vegetable ragu and toss over medium-high heat for about 30 seconds

Top with grated pecorino and fresh herbs of your choice

"Italian Toast" with Hazelnut Syrup and Nutella
Serves 4

eggs 4 each
cinnamon 1 tsp
nutmeg 1/2 tsp
sugar 2 Tbsp
milk 1/4 cup
vanilla 1/2 tsp
Ciabbata or other crusty fresh bread, sliced 1 1/4 inch thick 8 slices
butter, melted 1/4 cup
maple syrup 1/2 cup
hazelnut liqueur or hazelnut flavored syrup 3 Tbsp
nutella as needed
powdered sugar as needed
toasted hazelnuts, chopped as needed

For Italian toast:
In a bowl, mix the eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and milk until well combined
Heat a large, non-stick saute pan over medium-high heat and melt half of the butter
Soak 4 bread slices in milk-egg mixture, shake off excess batter, and lay into pan in a single layer
Cook until golden brown, flip toast, and cook until golden brown on the other side
Remove from pan and keep warm
Repeat with other 4 slices of ciabbata

For hazelnut syrup:
Mix the maple syrup and the hazelnut liqueur or hazelnut syrup until combined
Set aside until ready to use

To finish:
Lay 2 slices of Italian toast on each of four plates, drizzle with hazelnut syrup and top with nutella to taste
Finish with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and chopped toasted hazelnuts

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