RECIPES: Chefs give sneak peek at Restaurant Week

Chefs show us some tasty dishes for Restaurant Week.

Posh Restaurant

Chocolate Pâté
Yield = 1/3 Pan
Measurement Ingredient
18 ounces Chocolate
4 cups Heavy Cream
1 cup Water
1 teaspoon Agar Agar
2 tablespoons Corn Syrup
4 grams Gelatin - Bloomed
Make a Ganache with the Chocolate And Heavy Cream.
Boil Water with Agar Agar And Corn Syrup for 2-3 Minutes.
Pour Over Ganache.
Add Gelatin, pour into mold, let set 2-3 hours.

Arizona Restaurant Week is Sept. 21 to 29.

See full list of participating restaurants and menus at
602-307-9134 x118

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