Re-purposing project: Pumpkins to Christmas topiary

I love this project since the container can be re-purposed over and over. 

Here are the supplies you will need:

Urn or pot to put your boxes in/on
boxes for each urn, large, medium and small
Fall foliage
Faux moss or grass or filler of your choice
Glue gun
Large stick or dowel
Something heavy to place in the bottom of your container ie; rocks, sand
Heavy duty craft knife
Thick foam
wrapping paper, ribbons and embellishments

1. Cut holes in the bottom and top of the large and medium pumpkin.
2. Cut a hole in the bottom of the small pumpkin.
3. Anchor foam at the bottom of pot.
4. Anchor foam at the top of the pot.
5. Cut a piece of foam core to fit over top of urn. Cut a hole in the center.
5. Insert dowel and place in the foam at bottom of urn, place another piece of foam at the top of the urn but inside.
6. Glue a ring of moss to the outside of the foam core.
7. Place the foam core on top of urn with dowel sticking out.
8. Attach the large box to the top of the pot and then begin stacking boxes on top of each other.
9. Attach ribbons and embellishments with glue dots or a gle gun to secure.

My inspiration came from Joan Oscarson. You can check out her Pinterest boards.

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