Professional organizer on how to create a closet you love

Your closet is the one of the rooms you enter each morning to start your day. It sets the tone. 

It should be merchandised much like a boutique so that you can easily find what you want and feel good about your choices. Clothing just looks better when it is neatly arranged.

If you have treated your closet like a storage locker and have trouble finding the things you want, it starts you off with an overwhelming feeling and stress.

Professional organizer Charlotte Steill truly believes that your subconscious mind is affected by chaos. A lot of her clients don't even realize what they have in their closet because they have gone to the same small section over and over to wear the same things.

First, find a consignment store that fits your style and a charity to donate anything you can't consign. Plan a Saturday and wear your most comfortable clothes. Buy matching hangers (they don't have to be expensive) and take everything out of your closet.

YES, everything.

Now, only put back the things that fit you and that you love to wear.

Hang them on new hangers. Organize by color, and your closet will look amazing!

Do not put cardboard boxes or anything that you don't wear on your body back in the closet!

Put a bright bulb in the closet.

Switch out your closet seasonally.

Use the same process to determine whether something is still right for you and fearlessly discard items that no longer help you to look your best.

Have a donation bag handy all year long to catch the items that no longer suit your style.

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