Products to help save mom's sanity

Zipit Bedding is a patented all-in-one bedding system that combines the sheets with the comforter via zippered sides so blankets never become a tangled unruly mess. Even very young children can easily make their own beds simply by pulling the zippers closed, fostering independence and giving moms and dads one less this to nag about. Zipit sets are made of all hypoallergenic materials and are completely machine washable, too.

EZLeaps helps teach children how to tie their shoes in a quick and easy way! It's a decorative card that attaches right to the shoe and laces to guide children through the process and makes the "holding the laces" part more manageable. Invented by a first grade teacher, the product is an easy tool for kids to learn one of life's biggest milestones.

Aqueduck Single Handle Extender makes it easy for kids to access the water faucet and is a great safety feature to eliminate reaching and climbing to grasp the handles.  The fun extender controls hot and cold water flow and features "Ducky" wings to help keep the water temperature just right!

SafetyTats are fun temporary tattoos for children that serve a purpose. The custom made tattoos read 'If Lost, Please Call' and list a parent or bguardian's mobile phone number. Designed to be worn on a child's arm or hand, SafetyTats are easy to apply and are perfect for amusement parks, the beach, shopping at a crowded mall, or even while traveling through a busy airport.

EZ Squeezees are washable, refillable, easily packable food pouches that are perfect for taking your own healthy (and perhaps even homemade) snacks to the pool, a day at the beach, out to camp, or wherever your family adventures take you. Because they're reusable, they're also eco-friendly and more cost effective than store bought, single-use squeezable snacks. Each container holds up to 6.5 oz, can be refilled up to 15 times, and is dishwasher safe.

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