Old world Italian recipes from Davanti Enoteca

Executive Chef Peter DeRuvo from Davanti Enoteca in Scottsdale shares some popular Italian recipes.


Uova Amatriciana

Serves 1 - 2

·    3 Eggs, two yolk and one whole
·    2 Tbsp guanciale or pancetta
·    2 Tbsp onion, minced
·    1 tsp sliced garlic
·    1 Tbsp of red wine vinegar
·    1 pinch of oregano
·    7 oz plum tomato, crushed
·    Evoo to coat pan
·    2 oz of pecorino cheese
·    Pinch of salt
·    Freshly ground pepper to finish

1.    Turn oven to 450 F
2.    Render the guanciale till slightly crispy
3.    Add the onions and garlic and sweat until slightly transparent
4.    Deglaze with vinegar
5.    Add the tomatoes, and reduce volume by 1/3
6.    Add oregano and season to taste, remove sauce from heat
7.    Warm a small baking dish, add drizzle of olive oil and reduced sauce
8.    Add eggs into sauce and bake at 450 F for two minutes, uncovered
9.    Top with pecorino and a grind of black pepper, serve with toasted bread, and my favorite whipped lard!

Cacio e Pepe
Serves 1 - 2

When making this pasta, remember:  your meal is only as good as the pasta you use!

·    Spaghetti
·    2 oz extra virgin olive oil
·    1 Tbsp butter
·    17 full grinds from the peppermill
·    2 oz parmesan cheese, grated
·    3 oz pecorino cheese, grated
·    Salt
·    Pasta water

1.    Begin by heating up the pepper in olive oil in a pan.
2.    Deglaze pan with 1 - 2 oz pasta water and reduce 30 seconds.
3.    Finish cooking pasta - 2 min in water. Add to pan and cook 15-30 seconds. Remove from heat.
4.    Off heat, slowly sprinkle in cheese while tossing pasta into the pan.
5.    Add butter and stir.
6.    Add pasta water as needed to create creamy consistency.
7.    Top with pecorino and a grind of black pepper.


1.    When making pasta it is important to remember to cook the pasta in the pan for at least 1 minute to release the starch, which creates the sauce.
2.    Cheese must be slowly drizzled in to ensure a smooth sauce.

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