My Bonus Mom!

From Cinderella to Snow White, stepmothers have been portrayed as wicked or evil for decades. So what is a child to think when they hear their parents are remarrying and bringing a stepparent into the family?

Tami Butcher, author of 'My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom', wants children to know there are wonderful things that can happen with an additional parent enters their life.

Butcher has first hand experience with this situation, in fact her inspiration for the book was based on her own childhood experiences.

She says, "I wrote this book to show those who come from divorced families that there can be a very happy outcome. Oftentimes people focus on the negative when there can be a positive side to divorce. My bonus mom, Nancy, has been an incredible mother and grandmother to me, my sisters and our children!"

She realized if she could plant the seed and change the perception of stepparents from 'evil' to 'bonus' it could go a long way to helping with the acceptance of their new parents.

The book is available at , , , and Changing Hands Bookstore .

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