Model search success tips from Alexa Rizk, the 'Outlet Shopping Gal' from Outlets at Anthem

The 10th Annual Strike-A-Pose Model Search is coming up at Outlets at Anthem!

What does an aspiring model need to know to be successful at a Model Search? The Outlets at Anthem's 10th Annual Strike-A-Pose Model Search is coming up on Saturday, April 13, 2013. The center is once again teaming up with Ford/Robert Black to find the Valley's newest talent. They'll be looking for men and women and children of all shapes and sizes so everyone is encouraged to come on out and give it a shot! Alexa Rizk, the Outlet at Anthem Shopping Gal, has tried and true tips for getting noticed the right way at a model search.

What are some of the common mistakes people make when trying to stand out and get noticed?
·    Don't wear too much makeup. Judges want to be able to see your natural assets and envision you as a blank canvas. If you're shellacked with color, it's distracting and doesn't allow them to visualize you in their own way.
·    Don't wear an outrageous outfit. You may think it'll help you stand out in the crowd to wear wild colors or a big frilly dress but again, the judges are looking for your raw beauty and they want to be able to picture you in a variety of styles. Be a blank canvas; if they can't see your shape or they're distracted by silly prints and color combinations, you're doing yourself more a disservice than a favor.
·    Don't wear shoes you can't walk it. Yes, models often wear sky high heels on the runway, but the last thing you want to do is trip and fall or worse yet, hurt yourself. Make sure you've taken a test run in your shoes and that you can walk comfortably and gracefully in them before you venture down the catwalk.
And what tips do you have for doing a model search right?
·    Practice your smile and work on making it look genuine. Have FUN when you're at a model search and save the attitude for when you actually do reach supermodel status!
·    Work on your walk. Think about making yourself tall, holding your shoulders back confidently and - harkening back to our don'ts - be sure wear shoes you can walk gracefully in!
·    Wear clothes that are age appropriate and fit well. Many models searches, Outlets at Anthem's included, are open to a variety of age ranges; kids should not dress in skimpy clothes made for club-hopping and adults should dress like adults. Figure flattering is perfect, but avoid being too revealing or sexy.
·    Make eye contact. When you stop and turn, look at the judges and show them your pearly whites. Let them know you have a personality!
The bottom line: be confident! If you're being yourself and you're comfortable in your own skin, it will show. "

Looking for the perfect, minimalist outfit for your model search appearance? Try these camera-ready looks:

On Diane:
From Calvin Klein Outlet:
·    Ultimate Skinny Jean  $59.99
·    White form fitting t shirt  $29.50
Rack Room Shoes:
·    Xappeal Demure nude high heel  $29.99

On Alex:
From Calvin Klein Outlet
·    Calvin Klein Body Jean in dark wash, low rise slim jean  $89.50
·    White printed t-shirt  $39.50
·    Grey vest  $69.50
Rack Room Shoes:
·    Grey and white sneaker by Day Five "remedy"  $29.99

On Victoria (plus size)
From dressbarn
·    Black leggings  $32.50
·    Purple silk blouse  $36.00
·    Black "vegas" wedge with gold detail  $30.00

Outlets at Anthem has all of these items and so much more at prices you won't believe. The center is located just 15 minutes north of the loop 101 off Interstate 17 at Anthem Way. With several designer name stores to choose from, all offering 30 - 70% off of retail prices daily, you can always find amazing deals on highly stylish looks.

The Outlets at Anthem word of the week, just for Sonoran Living viewers, is "model." All you have to do is go to Customer Service at Outlets at Anthem and mention the Sonoran Living Word of the Week to get a free prize. No catch, just mention the correct word and you're a winner!

Just go to Customer Service and mention the secret word "model" to get your prize.

Anytime you miss the Word of the Week on Sonoran Living, just text Anthem to 96362 on your mobile phone and we'll reply back with it!

Outlets at Anthem is located 15 minutes north of the Loop 101 off Interstate 17 at the Anthem Way exit 229.

Outlets at Anthem
4250 W. Anthem Way
Phoenix, AZ 85086

"Strike a Pose Model Search on Saturday April 13, 2012. Pre-register on line at and find more details of the amazing event that offers four grand prize winners one year modeling contracts by Ford Robert Black Agency and another 10 winners the title of Outlets of Anthem's 2013 Ambassadors, who also are our models weekly here on this show."

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