Make sure your little goblins have a safe time trick-or-treating

Halloween is a great holiday for the whole family and can easily be enjoyed safely if parents take a couple of precautions.

Kate Tanner from KidStop toys talks about the most common safety concerns reported are pedestrian injury, falls, poisoning, and abductions.

Tanner says to make sure that younger children are always supervised to ensure safety.

Children under 12 years old should not trick or treat alone.

Make sure children stick to streets with lights and activity - and stay in safe neighborhoods.

Fear of poisoning is often persistent with parent's fears - however, research indicates that this is extremely rare.

Always check your child's candy and throw anything that is opened or looks like it could have been tampered with.

Trick or treat in areas you know and with people you know.  It's not the quantity of candy you collect, it's the fun you have with family and friends.

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