Lone star taste and tradition right here in the Valley

From a one room tortilla factory to a Houston “must eat” Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen has been hand rolling Texas pride since 1973.

Many people have claimed the idea of the fajita but Mama Ninfa Laurenzo was the first if you ask South Texans. She hand made flour tortillas and stuffed char grilled beef in the center that started the fajita craze. Over 35 years later Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen is still creating Tex Mex flavors and keeping the legacy alive.

“Arizona was a place that needed some good Tex Mex,” says Jonathan Mack General Manager for Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen. The Houston staple has opened its doors in Glendale and hopes people will come and experience the Tex Mex tastes with a touch of South American influences.

“I think great food creates a great memories,” explains Executive Chef Craig Emmons. “People come in they get a unique opportunity to try something they have never seen before.”

Ninfa’s Mexican Kitchen
20004 N. 67th. Ave.
Glendale AZ 85308

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