Local man shares talks about baseball legend Lefty Gomez

Everybody has some kind of story to tell, but one Valley man's tale involves a baseball legend that so happens to be is grandfather, Lefty Gomez. 

John Banas, a Scottsdale resident, was the force behind a new book called, Lefty, An American Odyssey

It's a story about baseball and the way it was in the beginning. 

It's a slice of America the beautiful, where all dreams can come true with grit and determination. 

The book appeals to all ages, whether you are a baseball fan or not. It tells the story of what many of us can relate to today, including going through an economic recession, war, and a desire to follow your dreams.

Lefty, An American Odyssey
Written by Vernona Gomez (Lefty's daughter) and Lawrence Goldstone
Publisher:  Ballantine Books, a division of Random House
Available in Hard Cover and eBook editions
Can be purchased in book stores and online



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