Local coffee shop doubles as a wine bar at night

32 Shea is a local restaurant that offers up fast gourmet breakfast food with a drive-thru during the morning, and great wine and cocktails in the evening.

It opened just over a year ago at 32nd Street and Shea in Northeast Phoenix. The owner, Rebecca Golden says, "The building now has a modern, hip vibe and serves up coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails. A dog-friendly establishment, guests are encouraged to hang out on the patio with their pooches." 

Golden says, "Days and nights are very different from each other. 32 Shea has menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day, before 4pm, you order at the counter or in the drive-thru; it is fast paced and open seating. The evenings are slow-paced, with service at the table and a dinner and cocktails menu. We also offer call-in to-go orders day and night. We have a 12-hour happy hour, the longest in town that features $5 wine, $6 martinis, $3 craft beer (we only have craft beer, many of them are local, no domestics)."

Full menu available at http://www.32shea.com/

Mint Lemon-drop Martini Recipe:
1. Place into shaker and muddle the following:
1. Squeeze (3) lemon wedges
2. (2) Packets of Sugar
3. Add 3oz of  Vodka
4. (3) Large Mint Leaves
2. Add 3oz Sweet-N-Sour
3. Add Ice ¾ of the Way Full
4. Shake Well
5. Sugar Rim of Martini Glass
6. Add Splash of Sprite on Bottom of Martini Glass
7. Strain ingredients into martini glass (no ice)
8. Garnish with Small Mint Leaf

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