Laura Mahoney Girl Friday: Make a puppy clutch purse

Materials Needed

Glue gun & fabric hot glue
Needle & thread
1 magnetic purse snap
1 set of buttons to be used for eyes
1 button for nose or you can make it out of fabric
( These items you can find in the doll section of most craft stores or button area)
½ yard of fabric for outside
½ yard of fabric for inside

Select your 2 types of fabric. One for the outside and one for the inside lining.

Cut out your pattern. You will be cutting out 4 puppy shapes. 2 for the outside and 2 for the inside.

Lightly hot glue your inside fabric to the outside fabric to hold in place but strong enough to hold light amount of stuffing

Now you should have two halves. Put your halves together and start to sew puppy closed starting at beginning of tail.

Line up your purse snaps and put in place before you finish your sewing. These would be at the top backside for your puppy.

As you are sewing, start to fill your puppy with light amount of stuffing in between the 2 fabrics. The fuller you make your puppy the less you will be able to hold in your clutch

Finish sewing your puppy all along the bottom and up over his head. Stop just at the base of his neck. Make sure you leave enough room for your purse opening.  

Each puppy is different and your own creation. Add your eyes and nose and start to create the look for his face. You might want to add a little extra fur or fabric around the eye area to create an eyelid.

Cut out your ears and these can be all one fabric or have fun and line the inside a different color or fabric pattern. These can also just be hot glued onto your puppy. You can pick from a selection of ears and remember these really do make up the character of your puppy. Floppy, straight or pointy.

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