It's a Glam Thing: Summer fun with beach, BBQ and beauty

Beauty and lifestyle expert, Dawn McCarthy of It's a Glam Thing, shows us some summer essentials.

1.) At the beach? No one wants to find an unexpected stray body hair anywhere. What do you have for a solution to this summertime beauty woe?

The "Dream Waxers Cherry Wax on the Go Kit" is handy enough to drop into your weekender bag and take along with you. It contains a jar of great smelling Cherry Dream Wax, Dream Waxers sheets, Cherry Dream Clean Lavender and Peppermint essential oil for pre and post waxing, wooden waxing sticks and it all comes in a cute travel bag.

2.) Backyard BBQ? What's something every man behind the grill will love?

FRANKIE V'S  gourmet hot sauces and spreads are made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and are 100% all natural, Texas Style! Made from scratch, every jar is inspected and approved before it leaves Frankie V's Kitchen. It's great food that's great for you! Frankie V has a  passion for cooking  and with that has transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary  culinary masterpiece.

3.) A walk along the beach and no where to put your cell phone?

Don't take a chance placing it in your swim suit top without the protection of the Bra-Ket , a bra pocket that protects you from harmful radio frequencies. ​The Bra-ket is a revolutionary new product that provides not only a convenient place for your phone, but also provides invaluable shielding protection from radio frequency waves. Over time, radio frequencies may be harmful to our health. ​The Bra-ket utilizes an innovative, protective fabric that shields you from radio frequencies. The RF protective side is worn next to the skin, and The Bra-ket does not interfere with cell phone reception. The fabric in The Bra-ket places a barrier between you and those waves, all while keeping your phone close and handy. The shielding fabric in The Bra-ket is certified to contain no harmful substances, and independently tested for shielding performance. Non-conductive surface, no grounding needed.

4.) Sunburned skin is not beautiful; it's a huge no-no!

Prana SpaCeuticals Reflect SPF 45  is a silky tinted skin care moisturizer cream that nourishes, protects, and hydrates the most delicate skin. Reflect skin care moisturizer cream is enhanced with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that provide powerful protection Fortified with Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed Extract. Allantion, Micronized Zinc and Mineral Mica. Reflect is a moisturizer and flawless makeup base which protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF 45.
5.) BBQ's on the beach can be lots of work and be messy. How can we make a Beach BBQ easier?

COOKINA BARBECUE NON-STICK AND REUSABLE COOKING SHEETS allow you to cook your food to perfection without using oils or sprays to grease the surface. You can cook healthily and clean up in a minute or less.  This alternative to aluminum foil keeps small and delicate foods on the grill and out of the fire. Ideal for grilling vegetables, meats, fish, seafood, pizzas, shish-kebabs, sausages, sticky marinated food, chicken wings, ribs, eggs, and much more.

6.) Everyone loves going to the beach. The sun, the sea, and digging your toes into the warm sand. But what everyone doesn't love is bringing all the sand from the beach back home or in their car!

"Beachgoer Sand Away" solves that problem. Simply shake out a handful of this silky, fragrant powder and rub it onto your legs, your arms, your feet - anyplace you have pesky sand sticking to your skin - and watch the sand just fall off! This special mixture of botanicals effectively removes all traces of sand, is gentle to your skin and is great for the whole family! You'll want to keep a canister of our Beachgoer Sand Away in your beach bag, as well as keeping one in your car for convenient "de-sanding." It also makes a great gift for your favorite sun worshipper, surfer and beach lover! Enjoy the beach without bringing it home on your body! Use "Beachgoer Sand Away" for a clean getaway! All Beach Organic Skin Care products contain no talc or baby powder that is proven to be bad for your lungs.  Only organic and natural ingredients are used and the manufacturing facility is certified Organic.

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