Is your child scared of the dark? Local authors want to help!

If you're wondering how to help the kids face their fears, a local couple created some books that'll help.

Leslie and Brian Miller say one of the toughest challenges for any parent is helping a young child face and overcome a certain fear or phobia.

Whether it's a fear of the dark, being scared of heights, or having a fear of water, it's never been easy or fun for a little one to conquer a big fear - until now.

The Scottsdale husband and wife team recently became authors and publishers of a new series of educational and entertaining children's books that seek to make fear-facing in childhood much more enjoyable.

Their slogan on the back of every book is, "Finding fun in facing your fears!"

The first book in their series is titled, "Did My Owl Just Growl?" and specifically addresses the fear of the dark. The book's accompanying Fobie Friend is an adorable, blue owl.

Their second book, "Climb the Monkey Bars? That's Bananas!" is all about helping children to overcome their fear of heights and the accompanying friend is a sweet-looking, purple gorilla.

The Fobie Friends authors will have their next book reading and signing event on Saturday, Oct. 27, at 10 a.m. at Changing Hands bookstore where their books are available on store shelves and available for purchase.

Being so close to Halloween, children are invited to come to this special book reading and signing event dressed in their Halloween costumes! The authors will be dressed in their Halloween costumes, as well. Free admission.

Find out more information about Fobie Friends.

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