How to wear white after Labor Day

How many times have you heard your mother, or some stylist say, "You can't wear white after Labor Day"? As hard as it is to get those voices out of your head, it is time.

Because a large portion of Arizona doesn't experience a year with 4 seasons, many stylists will tell you it's OK to sport this style into the Fall. Misha the manager from HUB clothing inside Scottsdale Fashion Square shares some tips to keep you in style all year long.

Women Don't:

1. Don't wear white high heels, instead try nude.
2. Don't wear white tights or leggings.
3. Put away white sunglasses & white bags.
4. Put your white dresses on hold till the winter time, whip it out for a New Years party and stand out in a sea of little black dresses!

Women Do:

1. Keep the white subtle in the outfit.
2. Wear White pants, with fall colored tops, like red, brown, orange, gray, black
3. Keep the Classic white tee
4. Put on a White buttoned down
5. Incorporate a White or off-white scarf

Men Do:

1. Add white accents to outfits, keep it subtle.
2. Wear white sneakers or boat shoes.
3. Put on a White vest with darker colors.
4. Wear a white buttoned down.

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