How to make a 'body bag' Halloween craft

Learn how to make a 'body bag'  craft for Halloween!

Craft Supplies
· Brain or a Whole head of cauliflower steamed
· Eye balls or 2 peeled grapes
· Heart or One large peeled tomato
· Teeth or Unpopped kernels of corn
· Finger or a Carrot (I peeled mine to look like a finger)
  Ginger for toes
  Breadsticks for bones
· Brown bags
· Plastic shopping bags
· Paper & pencil

Project Instructions
Fit a plastic shopping bag inside a brown paper bag large enough to fit a person's hand.

Set each body part inside the bag and set it on it's side or upright, whichever works best.

Have your guest reach inside and without looking, see if they can guess what the body part is and write it down.

Whoever guesses the most wins. If you have a tie, have them guess what the body parts really are.

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