Hot Valley trends for 2012

The Valley is an ever changing environment, with new trends popping up all the time.

Amanda Rumore, online editor for , has her finger on what's hot around the city, here's a look at what she says you're going to be seeing more of in 2012.

Breakfast is Back
Breakfast has come a long way from the college days of Beer and Bagels, and is becoming a sophisticated 'Sex And The City' glam brunch.  Rumore says breakfast restaurants are stepping up their game, and lunch and dinner restaurants have added breakfast to their menu.  

Rumore is a fan of Bungalow in Old Town Scottsdale, she says 'they always have exceptional food and now, for football and Spring Training, they have a weekend breakfast.'  With a Bloody Mary bar, you are guaranteed a delicious meal to start your day.  If you're worries about making your own, Rumore says don't worry, the staff is available with tips and suggestions to help you on your way to becoming an amateur mixologist.

Sushi Steps Up
Sushi has long been a staple here in the Valley, it's fun, light and can be calorie-conscious making it great meal.  Rumore says she is finding this year, patrons are looking for innovative sushi menus and a more personal experience.

Blue Wasabi is one of those restaurants, with locations in Gilbert and Scottsdale, they are taking sushi to the next level with iPad menu's.  Menu items come with a detailed picture so you know exactly what to expect with your order, and you can use the iPad to kill time while you wait for your food!  The restaurants also allow you to create your own rolls, and if it's good enough it may even make it onto the menu.

Traditions With A Twist
The Barrett Jackson auto auction has been a staple in the Valley for years, and this year they are adding something new, a Lifestyle Pavilion.  Rumore says it is being used for parties, fashion shows, and spa services, so now there is a place for the ladies to escape while their significant others check out the 'hot rides'.

Beauty Trends
Spray tans have been around for a while, and with the threat of skin cancer looming, they will likely not be going away any time soon.  Because of their popularity you can find spray tan locations all over the Valley, but not all of them are created equal.  Rumore's favorite spot is Mozaik Skin and Body in Scottsdale, she says 'Natalie is a pro, she chooses the most complimenting color and expertly sprays, never streaking or leaving you orange'.

Blow dry bars are also starting to pop up all over town.  It is the newest way to get dolled up for a special night out, or to pamper yourself.  Primp and Blow has 2 Valley locations, and recently won Best Blow Dry Bar in Az Foothills Magazine.  Rumore tried them out on New Year's Eve and said she went in with a baseball cap and oversized shades, and came out feeling red carpet ready.  From hair to makeup, even extensions and eye-lashes, they do it all.

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