Homemade Valentine: Terri O's pop-up cards

Try making an adorable pop-up card for your valentine this year!


·    Paper cutter
·    Scissors
·    Adhesive runner
·    Embellishments, ribbon
·    Ruler
Project Instructions:

1. On the fold with your ruler, draw 2 lines 2" long, one line 2 ½" long and another line 1 ¾" long spacing them out evenly. Cut on the fold to the end of  each line. Open the card and pop out the paper that you cut and re-fold the card the opposite direction.
2. Ink the inside of the card.
3. Cover the card with paper and adhere.
4. Attach embellishments to the pop outs.
5. Embellish the front of your card with a stickers, ribbon or any embellishment you like.
6. Get ready for a big hug and kiss!

For tips and ideas for more cards and a how-to video visit www.terriocraftprojects.com

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