Flavors of Louisiana serves up Cajun cuisine

Flavors of Louisiana is a mother and daughter collaboration of Jennifer Goff and Holli Muth. Hailing from the rich history of Louisiana, Jennifer could not find the down home style of country Cajun that she grew up with so with a lot of long hours and wondering if the Valley would have the appetite for Cajun cuisine, Flavors of Louisiana was born.

Country style Cajun cuisine, which Goff calls "Acadian" is somewhat spicy with a home made flavor and created using layers of ingredients that takes hours to prepare. Flavor of Louisiana uses these Cajun recipes to wow the taste buds with bayou flair. Favorites such as the fresh and slightly toasted shrimp or alligator po' boy sandwiches, a browner then red jambalaya that is packed full of chicken, pork and Cajun sausage.  If gumbo is your thing then Goff simmer's up a roux that gives this southern pleasure a boost of taste with fresh meats and rice. Another must have is the dunkin' catfish which is crispy catfish served on a bed of rice and topped with crawfish étouffée, one problem, it is only served on Saturday's but well worth the wait!

Flavors of Louisiana
13025 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd
Avondale, AZ 85392
(623) 935-2357

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