Find your style at Heritage Hatters in Valley

On any given day, you will find Rich Glisson crafting something that we all enjoy: the perfect hat.

He cleans, blocks, and folds a craft that was taught to him over 30 years ago. Some are called Hatters or Haberdashers... you can simply call Rich "The Hat Man".

Heritage Hatters in north Phoenix is a treasure trove of toppers. Golf, hiking, fishing plus, the iconic Stetson to the classic fedora, Rich has them all. He will also take the time to find the right size and style.

We all know Arizona is the perfect climate for a great functioning hat that also looks stylish. Three-thousand square feet of hats await you, so stop in, say hi and walk out with a high quality hat. It's that simple!

Heritage Hatters
13602 N. Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, Arizona

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