Expand your tastes at The Lost Leaf

The Lost Leaf is an artist's haven for experimentation in Phoenix.

It doesn't have a parking lot, and it doesn't have a name on the front.

The only distinguishable characteristic that says it's a business is a little ‘OPEN' sign in the window.

But the door's open, it's crowded inside, and a band is playing jazz.

It's The Lost Leaf , and tonight, it's a jazz club; because last night it was hard core rap, and the night before, soul.

Residing in a restored 1920's home just off of Roosevelt near downtown Phoenix, The Lost Leaf is also an art gallery, where you'll see a different local artist's work every month.

In addition to offering music and paintings, The Lost Leaf is also a bar, and regularly carries 100 different kinds of beer, ranging from the popular to the interesting and obscure.

While there are many clubs, bars and art galleries in town, what sets apart The Lost Leaf is who they cater to.

Being musicians and artists themselves, owners Eric and Tato decided not to take a commission on any art sold in the gallery, as well as not have a cover charge to see any bands that plays there.

This attracts a lot of experimental artists and bands, including some nights where bands of different genres play together and make new music.

That also means it's free to see a band, and an artist is more likely to get a sale because there is no markup.

So have a beer, or make it two, because that's how these cats get paid.

Check their website to see who's playing tonight.
The Lost Leaf
914 N. 5th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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