Everyday tools at Outlets at Anthem to help simplify kitchens

The Outlets at Anthem has some fantastic kitchen gadgets to share with you. These tools are sure to get you excited about cooking and significantly decrease your preparation time.

Whether you're making delicious crockpot roasts or whipping up mouthwatering quesadillas, streamlining your space will take the long hours and hard work out of baking, roasting, grilling and more.

Outlets at Anthem offers these amazing kitchen tools to unify and invigorate your kitchen!

Kitchen Collection:

·    Pizzazz Plus Rotating oven $49.99
·    Hamilton Beach Crock Pot $29.99
·    Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soupmaker $149.98
·    Ronco Showtime Rotisserie $159.99
·    El Paso Chile Company Quesadilla Maker $19.99

Outlets at Anthem has all these items and so much more. The center is located just 15 minutes north of the loop 101 off I-17 at Anthem Way. With many brand name stores to choose from, all offering 30 - 70% off of retail prices daily, you can always find amazing deals on fun gadgets or stylish looks.

The Outlets at Anthem word of the week, just for Sonoran Living viewers, is "SIMPLE SAVINGS." All you have to do is go to Customer Service at Outlets at Anthem and mention the Sonoran Living Word of the Week to get a free prize. No catch, just mention the correct word and you are a winner.

Outlets at Anthem
4250 W. Anthem Way
Phoenix, Arizona 85086
Text "Anthem" to 96362 for word of the week

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