Ever Grateful Favors: Saving our planet, one party favor at a time!

Favors are a wonderful gesture that communicate kindness and appreciation to guests for taking time out of their schedule to celebrate a life moment or occasion. A favor is a simple yet profoundly meaningful act when selected with intention. They need not be wasteful if they are mindfully selected.

After months of market research on party favors and numerous conversations with wedding professionals and brides, Ever Grateful Favors found the area most lacking in this industry: favors that are truly environmentally friendly yet still contemporary and chic.

Brides and event planners are becoming consumer conscious when planning their events. Today's brides are forward thinkers and want options that are green and affordable without having to sacrifice quality or style.

Ever Grateful Favors (EGF), a locally owned small business, opened its doors in 2012 with one mission: to offer eco-friendly and unconventional favor options for weddings and company events. EGF's favors have three benefits: (1) Eco-friendly- EGF favors are manufactured with the environment in mind, (2) Functional-EGF favors are edible/usable and (3) Unconventional- EGF favors are unlike most favors currently available.

Most people want to know: What makes EGF's favors eco-friendly?

EGF offers boxes that are made from 100% recycled materials. Owner of EGF, Tarsha Herelle explains, "Essentially, if consumers do not purchase items made from recycled materials, the need for recycling decreases. As the recycling symbol portrays, the process is a loop, and when consumers purchase products made from recycled materials, they are closing the loop."

EGF works with companies that manufacture products using renewable resources-resources that can be replaced as they are used. This local business is committed to collaborating with manufacturers that create top-of-the-line products through processes that preserve our natural resources and prevent unnecessary waste.

EGF seeks to partner with companies that give back to greater causes. Herelle explains, "We are fortunate to collaborate with companies that are not only committed to our environment but to people as well." For example, one of EGF's suppliers donates $3 from each sale to the No Kids Hungry Campaign-an initiative to end child hunger in America.  EGF also donates 5% of their proceeds to Operation Smile-an international organization that mobilizes medical volunteers across the globe to treat children with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities.
 "The favors featured on Sonoran Living were a glimpse of what's yet to come. Today we discussed our Girls Night In, Bamboo, and Drinking Jar collections," says Herelle. "There are endless customizable options within each collection to help you personalize your favors to your specific event. All items have been big hits among hosts and their guests."   

Herelle concludes, "We are committed to starting small and taking our journey step by step. As we learn more about environmentally friendly options, products, and services along the way, we will make adjustments as needed to ensure our products remain aligned with our mission. We are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable and top-of-the-line favors that are truly environmentally friendly, functional and unconventional!"

You can learn more about Ever Grateful Favors by visiting them on Facebook at     www.facebook.com/EverGratefulFavors .

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