European cuisine meets fusion in the Valley

Centurion Restaurant in downtown Phoenix incorporates different techniques and ingredients from across Europe and blends them into unique cuisines calling it European Fusion. It's not a new idea, but it is fairly new to the Valley.

"I wanted to reach out and spread my wings a little bit and have more fun with it," explains Executive Chef Eric Osburn. The idea came to him after working in every position in the restaurant industry. He learned what he liked and disliked and developed a plan. "Our motto is we do 4 star dining at 2 star prices," says Osburn.

Made from scratch hors d' oeuvres such as baked brie with raspberry jam to entrees like herb crusted rack of lamb or Portuguese Monk Fish stew. Oven pizzas, pastas, and risottos all prepared with a blend of European Fusion. Skilled chefs that will create anything off of the menu that caters to alternative diets such as gluten free or dairy free.

Centurion takes non typical grapes from non typical regions that expands customers palette with wine knowledge but it is also easy on the pocket book. It continues the motto of 4 star dining at 2 star prices. The atmosphere takes a new look at an old style with everything based off of an ancient Roman Philosophy were simple is better.

Centurion Restaurant
214 West Roosevelt Street
Phoenix AZ

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