El Sol Foods prepares dishes for Cinco de Mayo

Taco Cups
Short: These quick and easy taco cups, brimming with your favorite Mexican food ingredients, will be the perfect appetizer for any event. Even the pickiest eaters of the family will enjoy this little twist on traditional nachos, featuring our El Sol Original Salsa.
1/2 pound cooked tomatillo salsa seasoned hamburger meat
1/2 cup of El Sol Tomatillo salsa
1cup shredded cheddar
1cup El Sol Original Chunky, Mild, Medium, or Hot salsa
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup sliced black olives
1bag scoops/cups tortilla chips
Lay tortilla chips on a large baking sheet, discarding the broken shells. Fill each shell with a layer of the  meat, cheese and El Sol Original Chunky Salsa then top with sour cream and a sliced black olive. For a hot treat, throw the baking sheet in the oven at 350° for 2-3 minutes to melt cheese before topping with sour cream and black olives.

Chile Relleno
4 Poblano chiles
4 cups Monterey Jack cheese
8 Egg whites
1 cup flour
16 oz. El Sol medium salsa
1 qt. oil

1. Roast chiles on grill till soft and outer skin is cooked. let cool and peel skin off open chile and remove all seeds
2. Fill chiles with cheese
3. Roll chiles in flour
4. Heat oil to 365
5. Beat egg whites till fluffy
6. Dip chiles in eggs and place in hot oil cook till egg whites are golden brown
7. Pour El Sol Salsa over chiles add remainder of cheese on top and microwave for 2 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Fish Tacos
4 pieces of talapia
1tsp Salt
1tsp Garlic
Red/ Green cabbage
El Sol mango salsa
8 Tortillas
1tbl oil

1. season fish with Salt and Garlic
2. Put oil in pan and cook till fish is flaky
3. Heat up tortillas place fish in tortillas
4 Top with cabbage fresh lime and El Sol mango salsa

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