EcoScraps turns fruit, vegetable waste into high-grade lawn, garden products

PHOENIX - EcoScraps, a leading organic lawn and garden products manufacturer, takes pre-consumer food waste from local restaurants and grocery stores, and turns it into compost, potting soil, and other products.

These products serve as a truly organic alternative to other products on the market that contain manure or chemicals.

Wade Hooton, VP of Operations at EcoScraps, said more than 30 million pounds of food is thrown into our nation's landfills each year, which is equivalent to a quarter of all waste in America.

This rotting food releases the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, which is more harmful than CO2. EcoScraps recycles 120 tons of produce annually between facilities in Utah, California, Texas, and here in Arizona, which is able to reduce methane emissions equivalent to parking all of the registered cars in Los Angeles for an entire week.

As we begin the 2013 gardening season, Phoenix residents can turn to EcoScraps for sustainable, no-poop, no-chemical lawn and garden products that are safe for kids and pets playing in the yard.

EcoScraps line of products can be found at local Home Depot locations, Baker Nursery , Berridge Nursery and online at

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