Health educator Syd Hoffman: Don't start that diet! How to avoid setting yourself up for failure

Health and wellness educator Syd Hoffman says, "Don't diet in 2013!"

Why? Hoffman says it sets you up for failure, causing cheating and even grumpiness!

She says 45 million Americans go on diets each year and spend $33 billion, but only a very small percentage succeed.

Hoffman tells us diets may help you lose weight, but your body won't learn to keep it off.

Hoffman says to try these tips:

1) Try the 10 percent solution: incorporate a new habit every 10 days. 

Example: Try a glass of water with a splash of fresh lemon or orange. Small changes make a huge impact.  Reduce the amount of soda, coffee, and energy drinks you drink … replace with water.   

2) Be active each day.  

Ten minutes of brisk walking gives you 2 hours of instant energy. Move your arms. Walk in a heated pool if you have less mobility. Increase the time and intensity gradually. Be consistent. Before you know it, you will you be walking 30 minutes or more. You can set a goal to do a family walking event. 5k is a distance of 3.1 miles.  
3) Carry at least one meal or snack with you each day.  
Use the money you save from avoiding the vending machines to buy smaller clothing.  

4) Grab a buddy and create a healthy adventure.
Examples: take a yoga class, go dancing, play tennis, read a healthy book, take a hike, go to a workshop.)  Learning something new is great for your mind and body!

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