Adult Beverage Company: Delicious cocktails using adult flavored milk

Learn how to make fall and winter cocktails and cupcakes using adult flavored milk.

Enjoy these recipes for  fall 'spirits', plus a cup of cozy winter, adult-style drinks from the Co-Founder of The Adult Beverage Company, Nikki Halbur.


-Cranberry Margarita made with adult limeade
-Margarita glass of Adult Limeade with floating cranberries and rosemary sprig garnish


-"Warm Up": hot chocolate drink made with adult strawberry milk, featured at the W Hotel- glass coffee cup with mini marshmallows
-Neapolitan Shot made with Adult Chocolate Milk and Adult Strawberry Milk and whip cream
-Chocolate Monkey Cupcake-- made with Adult Chocolate Milk

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