Cool! Make your own wall art

Create works of art for your home with stamps and canvas.

Jumbo Stamp Art Craft

· 8 x 10 framed canvas. I used the one inch think.
· Thick craft foam
· Pencil
· Scissors
· Acrylic paint
· Glue gun
· Brushes
· Paper plate
· Inspiration (mine was the fabric)

1. First decide on what kind of pattern you want make. I did a flower. I drew out my design on a piece of paper then cut each part of the flower out. There were about 4 or 5 pieces to the flower. The center, a long petal, a short petal and a leaf. Use the paper cut outs as your pattern.

2. Lay your pattern on a sheet of thick white craft foam and trace around it. Cut out each piece. Use some of your scraps and glue them onto your foam cut out pieces to make a handle. Just glue them on top of each other.

3. Before you start stamping you might want to try out a design on a piece of paper. That way you can see what colors work and experiment with different designs.

4. When you are ready paint each piece with some acrylic paint and stamp your design onto the canvas. If your stamp does not leave a perfect impression don't stress! I kind of like that look. But if you don't you can easily go over it with a paint brush and make it perfect.

5. If you decide to layer colors you will want to make sure that the paint is dry before stamping over it.

6. Let your canvas dry and hang it on the wall for all to see and marvel over.

· I used metallic paints for some of the colors. It really gives your art work a professional look. One of my favorites is USArt Quest Perfect Pigment paint.
· Don't be afraid to stamp your design a couple of times. Let each coat dry in between. Doing this will intensify the colors.
· I tried to use darkest to lightest colors or vice versa.
· Dimensional paint adds a whole new element to your canvas. For the black and silver picture I used puff paint by Jones Tones.

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