Cool! Make jewelry out of seashells

Did your kids collect a bunch of seashells last time you went to the beach, and now they're just collecting dust? Well, dust them off and make some jewelry out of them!

Angie Mozilo, author of the blogs AZ Mom of Many Hats and I Am Woman Enough, stopped by to teach us how to make a pendant out of seashells.

Here's what you'll need:
Paint Brush
Sea Shells
Beads, Wire, Embellishments
Hot glue.
Dimensional magic
String or chain to string them into a necklace

1. Shellac the seashell and let dry.
2. Hot glue a bale to the back of the shell and let cool.
3. Hot glue beads, pearls, wires, embellishments in the concave portion of the shell. Let Cool
4. Partially fill the shell with Dimensional Magic or similar product until the embellishments are only partially covered. This acts as a second adhesive and gives the shiny look of ocean water.
5. Let pendant dry for a minimum of 2 hours before stringing. The pendant will by dry, clear, and ready to wear or give in about 12 hours.

You can check out more crafts from Angie on AZ Mom of Many Hats or I Am Woman Enough .

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