Save money on back to school shopping

Sara Blake, blogger at, says you don't have spend tons of money on back to school shopping.

She offers these tips to help save some cash:

--Stock up on basic supply sales in July/August at stores such as Office Max & Staples with penny to dollar deals
--Utilize dollar stores and other stores with a "dollar section" at this time of year, such as Target for supplies and other items like plastic containers to keep food in for lunches. Check for coupons in the newspaper and store websites for additional savings.
--Buy second hand! Kids grow so fast and sometimes don't get to wear items for long. For specific items like shoes or uniforms, you can join local swap groups online or check sites like Ebay. Thrift stores can be a great resource for things like reading/text books and desks to use at home.
--Shop online to look for the best deals, use sites like Ebates to receive cash back! Take advantage of Amazon Mom (receive 3 months free of 2 day free shipping)

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