Summer butt exercises: Tips to get that booty bikini ready for summer

Booty Lifting tips


  • FOCUS ON TRAINING FOR FAT LOSS to get that naturally lean body look.


  • LESS IS MORE: Training for metabolic efficiency.  Many people workout for too long a duration, which can interfere with optimal fat loss & actually block them from more weight loss.  We focus training efficiently, so you get maximum results in less time. All you need is about 30 mins.


  • THINK 24 Hr RESULTS, NOT 1 HOUR: One of the biggest myths is that as a woman, "weights will make you bulky".  This thinking blocks fat loss.  Working out with weights requires more energy, thus increasing one's metabolism and keeps the body burning calories long after completion of one's workout.


  • FORM EFFECTS FUNCTION WHICH EFFECTS FAT LOSS: Proper exercise form is essential for body transformation and fat loss.  Many people, fitness professionals included, are not prepared or educated in form technique enough related to human body movement science to offer their clients the best fat loss results. How we engage the body in movement & recovery effects our fat loss success.

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