Bungalow Furniture and Accessories shares 5 recent fashion influences on home decor

The trends that stroll down the runway at fashion week can seem elusive to many. 

Whether it's the price tag, the plunging necklines or something else, sometimes it just  doesn't trickle down to the everyday fashionista.

But while we may not have the decoder ring to translate the styles we wear, the task of taking those cues and putting them into home decor can seem a lot more manageable, especially with the help of a seasoned interior designer.

Heidi Rawson Tsuruta, Chief Interior Designer at Bungalow Furniture and Accessories, says five fashion trends are finding a way from the runway to your driveway and into you home and they include:


Heidi says these trends fit in with home furnishing by adding life to a room. Best used in conjunction with a calming white or neutral backdrop, they can make a room feel current and high fashion, while still feeling warm.

Fashionistas will know how indigo plays in wardrobe, but in a home the color named after the blue dye and derived from the plant has become a very popular color. It's an easy way to bridge the fashion trend into home decor trends while adding a fresh pop of color to any room.

Heidi adds the fashion trends being introduced are all meant to be subtle additions to a room, just a few pieces in scattered pattern will stand out. Once a pattern becomes an aggressor and overshadows any color schemes, it has been used too much.

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