Aguila Youth Leadership Institute helps students get to college

Most parents want their children to go to college, they're just not sure how to get them there. That's where the Aguila Youth Leadership Institute comes in.

Rosemary Ybarra-Hernandez and her husband started the program when it was time for their daughter to start looking for a college to attend.

Ybarra-Hernandez realized finding a college really isn't that easy, and she knew if she was having a tough time of it, others parents were likely having the same issues.

The non-profit organization provides a unique college access program for Latino/Latina youth that provides a web of support through consistency and powerful messaging.

The organization's goal is to empower and prepare Latino/Latina youth for college admissions and graduation through a unique approach based on a greater cultural understanding as a guide to personal, academic and professional excellence as future Latino/Latina leaders.

For more information, visit their Facebook page .

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