About Face Boutique shares tips to dressing for curvy girls

About Face Boutique shares tips on how to accentuate your curves and flatter your figure, whether you're thin or want to hide a few extra pounds.

1. What style would you suggest for a super curvy, petite woman?

A. Secret weapon #1. Ruching ! It is a technique where fabric is gathered and can be strategically placed to make a fitted dress look Fantastic ! It camouflages and accentuates all the right assets of the curvy girl figure.

2. What length do you suggest, when dressing a woman with curves?

A. Skirts or dresses that fall just above the knee. That length creates height, makes you look taller and avoids looking dowdy!

3. What lines look best on the curvy woman?

A.  Vertical! Horizontal lines will make you look wider and shorter. To create a vertical line choose items with vertical accents or try a long necklace to create the look.

4. What if I carry my weight in my hips? Should I wear a baggy bottom to hide it?

A. Actually you want to do just the opposite. Choose a skirt or trouser with a little ease at the hips. Example: a slight A-line skirt or a pant that accommodates the thighs and keeps the same width all the way down!

5. What is the best evening style for curves?

A.  Straight styles work best! A beautiful black lace dress with two layers works well.
The bottom layer is a slip like fabric with Lycra to pull in the curves and the lace overlay with texture, creates texture, adds interest, and shows off the body!

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