7 ways to be more organized and efficient

Sometimes being a mother seems a lot like a Ringmaster of a three-ring circus. But, the professional speakers at Girlfriend University offer the following tips to juggle 10 things with 2 hands.

• Utilize your resources:

Use your friends who are in similar situations with you. A neighbor who has children as well perhaps? Take turns watching eachother's children. This allows you to spend quality time with your partner while saving some cash.

• Use drop in play cares:

The trendy play centers allow you to take a few hours running errands while your child gets some active play time in with children their age. Win, Win!

• Compartmentalize your time:

Set time aside for your children, your spouse and yourself. Talk to your children about the realities of your work. Set a few hours aside for quality play time with your children (phone off!), a romantic outing with your partner, and important work time for your business.

• Plan and stick to it:

Set deadlines for yourself. Keep an organized calendar with short but detailed notes.

• Be open and honest about your situation:

If you have to bring your kids to the office or a meeting, let the other person know. Life happens – keep your meetings if possible.

• Pack a play pack:

Keep an activity back pack on hand to keep kids occupied. Load it up and change items often to keep interest in new games, puzzles, workbooks and toys. The dollar store is your best fried!

• Work with your employer:

Many employers are now offering "work share" opportunities for part time employees. Discuss options including child care, 3 day work weeks, etc.

• Have an partner to help keep you on track:

Whether it's a business coach, friends, husband or a parent; fine someone with similar goals.

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