4 curvy girl style tips for Fall

When it comes to style it is certainly not one size fits all. We're all used to seeing the size 2 models strutting their stuff down the runway. The problem is, most of us are not a size 2. So what do you do?

Eliza Davis is the founder of Creme de la Curves , she says a lot of women get frustrated when they see something they like on a mannequin or a model but it looks different when they try it on.

It can be a struggle but every woman needs to understand her body, and how to dress it so she looks her best.

Davis says there are 4 basic body types, here are her descriptions of each, and her tips on how to dress for each one.

Pear: This type is best described as a woman who carries the majority of her weight in the lower half of her body. Drawing attention to your neckline with fitted tops with colors and details. Show off your great waist with belts, and wear a-line skirts and dresses to flatter your hips and bottom.

Apple: A apple shape refers to a woman who is larger in her upper half than her lower. Draw attention to your top half with detailed necklines and collars. Wear empire waist dresses and high wasted A-line skirts that hit you at the narrowest part of your silhouette. In addition, short skirts are great for this shape as well as leggings paired with a tunic.

Pineapple: As is with a pineapple, when a woman is symmetrical from top to bottom it's best to create the illusion of curves. This can be accomplished through layering if done correctly or tailored pieces that are gathered at the waist. (i.e dress suits or fitted blazers)

Hour Glass: An hourglass shape is when a woman's curves are proportional on her top and bottom half with a defined waistline. embraces her curves with fitted tops, wrap dresses, or accessorizing with belts.

To find out more about events around the curvy community here in the Valley, alerts for exclusive deals, a blog and online magazine, sign up for a subscription to Creme de la Curves. Davis also offers individual style and shopping consultations by appointment.

If you'd like to see more Fall fashions, you can join in the fun at the Curvy Girls Night For Fashion Event hosted by Creme de la Curves on Thursday, September 8, 2011. Red Carpet festivities start at 6 p.m. at the MonOrchid Gallery located at 214 E. Roosevelt in Phoenix.

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