Shopping locally can help more than your neighbor

You may not even know it's a word, but lately, it's been getting more use. defines localism as:

1. a word, phrase, pronunciation, or manner of speaking that is peculiar to one locality.
2. a local custom.
3. excessive devotion to and promotion of the interests of a particular locality; sectionalism.
4. attachment to a particular locality.

In addition to being a unique offering in your neighborhood, a local business is more likely to spend more of its money in the local community.*

For some of us, the fact that this mom & pop shop was started with an idea and a little money from someone you might know is what gets me in the door.

A restaurant that serves a certain type of food because the owner grew up with it and wants to share it with his community, or a bicycle mechanic who loves fixing things sees a need in his neighborhood for an accommodating shop; I notice that when people are making money doing what they love instead of doing it because of the money, I'm more inclined to trade with them instead of the detachment of a chain or big box store.

A good way to find out who offers services like these is to get to know your neighbors.

There may be someone working out of their home on your own street that has what you need, maybe at a lower price than that national store 3 miles away.

Not only would you save on gas, but you might find out that person needs what you're selling, too.

Know any good local businesses in your neighborhood? Send us an email at We love to feature unique and Arizona-based shops, restaurants or even clubs or home businesses!


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