Thundershirt helps pets with thunder storm anxiety

PHOENIX - We've seen some pretty spectacular lightning shows lately, but your pets probably haven't been enjoying the loud thunder that comes with it.

There's a product that claims to cure that fear and anxiety and it's called the Thundershirt .

The Thundershirt simply goes over your dog's back with flaps that secure under its belly.

If the Thundershirt is worn properly, nice and snug, the shirt is supposed to make your pet feel more secure, similar to if you swaddle a baby.

An ABC affiliate in Cleveland asked pet owners to put the Thundershirt to the test, showing significant improvement in behavior during thunder storms.

One dog, Joker, used to nervously pace when he heard thunder, but that anxious behavior stopped when he was wearing the Thundershirt.

Likewise, one pet named Moses showed more obvious signs of comfort while wearing his Thundershirt.

In fact, Moses used to shake and hide under furniture during thunder storms, but settled down to sleep while wearing the shirt.

Vets in the study said that Thundershirts work best when put on pets before storms begin.

Pets with severe anxiety should be checked out by veterinarians to decide if they need more than a Thundershirt, like medication.

The Thundershirt retails for around $40.

For more information, visit their website.

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