Adopt-a-Pet Weekend: Phoenix woman says adopting 'Orion' the cat was amazing experience

In the world of pet adoption, they say that the owners don't choose their pets, it's the pets who choose their owners.

"He reached his little paw out and grabbed my shirt so forcefully, that I thought to myself, if I didn't take this cat home, I was the meanest person alive," laughs Nicole Schulke.

It's been a year since Orion made his desperate grab through the bars of his cage. Schulke, a long-time dog lover, says she ended up a cat that has a bit of an identity crisis.

"I discovered that since he learned how to fetch and walk on a leash really well, he also responds really well to commands," says Schulke. "So right now he knows stay, sit, lie down, and give me paw. "

Adopting a pet can be life-changing, and for Nicole, Orion had an even bigger impact than she could have ever imagined.

"They're kind of giving you validation, and a sense of purpose that you have to take care of this pet and to have it in your life and to share that bond and that special kind of relationship with your animal," says Schulke.

She says the joy and reward of animal adoption is immeasurable.

"It's always happy when you come home to a little kitty and he's dragging his toys up to you," says Schulke.  "Whatever happened that day, you can forget about, because he's happy and that makes you happy."

Looking for a new friend? Join us Saturday and Sunday at the ABC15 and PetSmart Adopt-a-Pet Weekend ! We'll have adoption deals at 8 Valley locations and hope to pair up as many animals and families as we can!

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