Pet of the Week: 'Tiny Dancer' looking for a new dance partner

PHOENIX - Tiny Dancer got his name because he actually dances- especially when you come home from work.

The small-pawed Cairn terrier mix is loaded with enthusiasm and he is ALWAYS happy-go-lucky.

Energetic at the young age of one, this scruffy pooch loves to bounce around the play yard, go for walks, mingle with other dogs at the park and go for car rides.

No matter where he is, he is always looking for the opportunity to snuggle or share sweet doggy kisses.

He loves just about everyone he meets including other dogs and kids and will sleep on their feet while they watch TV.

He is the perfect little dog for anyone who lives in an apartment or condo as long as the leash-trained canine goes for a brisk walk each morning.

Bring the whole family down to meet this spunky, loving and animated canine.

Tiny Dancer is available NOW at the Petique Retail and Adoption Center located at the Biltmore Fashion Park. His adoption fee is only $110 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-957-3113 and ask for animal ID numbers A417590.


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