Pet of the Week: Sweet-natured Stella off the streets, looking for a loving home

PHOENIX - Stella is a sweet-natured tabby cat with gray stripes and a playful personality. 

After living on the streets for months she has tons of cuddle time to catch up on.

Stella enjoys snuggling up on the couch as she enjoys tuna flavored cat treats and the 2-year-old is outgoing and social with all feline fanciers. 

With playful kitten antics, she happily swats and pounces on feather toys and she brings the game of Ping Pong to a whole new level as she chases the ball down the stairs and across the living room.

She is also inquisitive and smart and will stand on her back legs to smell what is on the counter above her or peek out the window and watch the world go by. She can also open cabinets and is a little genius when it comes to problem solving.

Stella is available NOW at the Sunnyslope Adoption Center located at 9226 N 13th Avenue in Phoenix. Now until the end of December, the adoption fee for Stella and all cats 6-months and older is based on the calendar date, so December 5 = $5, December 6 = $6, etc. This fee includes their spay or neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information about Stella call 602-997-7585 x 2045 and ask for animal ID number A420651 .

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