Pet of the Week- Playful cat Sadie seeking loving home

Hiding behind a mask of black fur, Sadie's golden eyes widen as they zoom in on a small ball that slowly rolls past her.

The anticipation makes her wiggle her tail and hind end with excitement and moments later she leaps forward, slides across the wood floor and scoops up the toy in her mouth.

Tossing it across the room the game starts all over again and she spends the next hour dribbling the toy with all four paws and she is better than most pro basketball players.

The full-figured girl (who has been cooped up in a kennel since July 31) tires quickly and when she's tuckered out she will somersault to the floor plopping down with a thud to rest (she isn't very lady like).

It is at this time that Sadie enjoys soaking up attention and she will meow and chirp happily until someone comes over to pet her.

Her jelly belly rumbles when she purrs and she arches her back into every stroke when you massage her. She will deliver Eskimo kisses with her black button nose as a way of thanking you. 

When she has had enough attention she will simply get up and walk away to seek out a comfortable spot where she can clean her fur and this tidy girl is quiet a bathing beauty devoting hours each day to ensuring her black and white coat is always silky and shiny.

She is great with other cats and older kids and she will even tolerate a mellow dog, however she will need to be introduced slowly to her new two and four-legged roommates.

Sadie is available NOW for a monetary donation. For more information call 602-957-3113 or visit the Arizona Humane Society's Petique Retail and Adoption Center located at the Biltmore Fashion Park. Ask for animal ID number A403562 .

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