Pet of the Week- Need a cuddle buddy? Bring home Perez

We can be certain about one thing… Perez LOVES being the center of attention. The affectionate 4-year-old will clumsily gallop toward you, sit at your feet and look up at you, and politely ask to be petted.

He is part Labrador, part American Pit bull terrier, and part teddy bear making him an excellent cuddle buddy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Loyal and faithful to the max, he will never leave your side and he likes to lean his entire body (93-pounds) against you while you give him an ear rub.

See below to watch video of Perez

With an athletic build, Perez enjoys activities like hiking, jogging, running in a spacious yard and splashing around in a doggy play pool or the garden hose. He is housetrained via dog door and he has mastered many tricks.

Perez likes to soak up belly rubs and cuddle with children but being the attention hog that he is; he would prefer to be the only pet in his new home.

Perez is just one of over 120 dogs who are currently waiting to be adopted at the Arizona Humane Society. All dogs are spayed or neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption. For more information about Perez call 602-997-7585 x 1045 and ask for animal ID number A402060 or visit the Campus for Compassion located at 1521 West Dobbins Rd in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $110.

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